7 Reasons Why This Bath Bundle Is The Perfect Gift For A Stressed-out Mom

 Made by a Brand called LuxeBath, their bath pillow bundle is going viral on the internet. Moms around the world are raving about how it's helped them relax and unwind.

"With work ramping up and the spa's being closed, I had no where to go to relieve my stress. Luckily my wonderful son found this bath bundle online and got it for me. It's the perfect home relaxation experience and spa substitute." - Allison

1) It helps busy and stressed out moms relax and unwind

Moms are always so busy taking care of their families that they sometimes forget to relax and take care of themselves.

Help your mom relax and unwind by getting her this bath pillow bundle that turns bath-time into a home spa retreat,


Set the bundle up for her by popping out a nice bottle of wine, light and candle, and stick on the LuxeBath pillow onto the tub.

Just like that, it transforms the bathroom into a luxury spa without ever leaving the house!

Treat your mom, she truly deserves it!

2) Lets moms around the world bathe in absolute comfort, without any neck and back pain 

Baths are one of the best ways to relax, unwind, and relieve stress. The warmth of the water is simply soothing and calms down a stressed and anxious mind, relieving tension throughout the body.


But, a huge problem with baths is that the tub can get SUPER uncomfortable, with its cold and hard surface.


The LuxeBath Pillow acts as the perfect barrier between body and cold hard tub. It’s super soft and sticks to the tub, so that moms can bathe in absolute comfort without any neck or back pain!

As a caring son, I wanted to do something for my stressed mom who's always working so hard taking care of me and my sister. One night I surprised her with the bath bundle all set up with a glass of wine. She absolutely loved it and now uses it every Friday.

- Justin G.

3) It Relieves stress, improves mood, and improves sleep 

By having proper relaxation and self care, the Bath Pillow lower stress levels which can have a huge effect on health and well being.

Studies have shown that lower stress can lead to better sleep, better mood, more energy, and even better weight management.

Husbands praise the bath pillow's rejuvenating effect, which allows their wives to recharge, and be more affectionate and caring.

Best of all, the Bath Pillow is a 100% natural way to relieve stress with no side effects at all.

4) Low maintenance and super easy to clean and store.

Knowing that moms have a busy schedule and value a clean bathroom, LuxeBath knew they had to make a bath pillow that was both low maintenance and easy to take care of.

They did exactly that - Not only is each bath pillow amazingly comfortable, but each bath pillow is also super easy to clean and put away. 

After use, simply hang it up with it's built in hook, and let dry. Voila, just like that, the bath pillow will dry overnight and its antibacterial mesh will prevent mold from growing.

5) It has strong suction cups that snuggly attaches to any tub surface

Unlike other bath pillows that have a weak suction fit, the LuxeBath pillow features 4 super strong suction cups. It easily attaches to any tub surface and strong enough to support you for hours.

The Bath Pillow also universally attaches to virtually any tub surface including bath tubs, hot tubs, and jacuzzis.

It's super simple to attach - simply wet the suckers and firmly push down on your desired location. In just an instant, upgrade any tub and enhance your baths with the pillow!

My mom loves her bath pillow bundle set! She has chronic muscle pain and the comfortable pillow makes bathing for her much for comfortable. The look on her face when she saw it made my year. So glad I purchased.

- Joshua D.

6) A thoughtful gift that she'll actually be able to use for a lifetime

Moms might be happy and say thank you when they get flowers, cakes, and chocolates, but there's something else they would really love.

A gift that they can truly enjoy and use every single day. 

And, the LuxeBath Pillow bundle is just that. When your mom receives it, she'll be able to bathe all her stress away and be reminded of you every time using it.

In just an instant, she'll be able to transform her bath tub into her very own sanctuary

7) It's easy to stow away and store in any bathroom

The final reason why it's a great for mom: it's also incredibly practical for busy moms.

Unlike many other spa items that can be big and take up too much space, this bath pillow bundle is designed to be compact and easy to store when it's not being used.

This means that even in smaller bathrooms, your mom can still have her personal sanctuary without any clutter. Every time she uses the bath pillow, she'll think of you and appreciate the effort you put into finding a gift that's both useful and indulgent. 

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