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Turn Your Bath Into A Five-Star Spa Experience

Luxurious Bath Pillow and Bath Bridge Bundle

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Bath Pillow



Bamboo Bath Bridge



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Eco-friendly, made from bamboo

Hypoallergenic, suitable for sensitive skin

Love it, It’s great. So nice to take a relaxing bath and you can have whatever you want with you ❤️


Verified Customer

It's Not Just a Bath, It's a Lifestyle Upgrade

  • Bye-Bye Stress

    Our Luxurious Bath Pillow and Bath Bridge Bundle turns bath time into 'aaaaah' time. It's like having a zen garden but with more bubbles and less raking.

  • Romance Booster

    Our plush bath pillow doesn't just cradle bodies, it cradles relationships. Watch as the spark in your love life turns into a full-blown fireworks display.

  • Care Package

    Show her your love isn't just skin deep, it goes bathtub deep! With our Bath Bridge, all her essentials are within reach, making bath time less of a balancing act and more of a royal pampering session.

  • Your Home, The Spa

    With our Bath Bridge's sleek design, you're not just upgrading your bathroom, you're promoting it to a full-fledged spa. Goodbye, pricey memberships; hello, home relaxation.

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Bath Pillow

Meet The

Ultimate Bundle

Bamboo Bath Bridge

Universal fit on all tub surfaces

Machine Washable

ultra soft and breathable

Bamboo Bath Bridge

Strong, durable, and resistant to water damage.

Adjustable Length To Fit On All Tubs

It's Not Just a Bath, It's a Lifestyle Upgrade

  • Bath Relaxation

    It's a beautiful piece well crafted and sturdy built, brought two one for a birthday gift and one for myself. Birthday person has really enjoyed it.


    Verified Customer

  • Great gift

    Brought this for my daughter as christmas gift. whith some wine glasses and a candle she absolutely loved it


    Verified Customer

  • Love it

    It’s great. So nice to take a relaxing bath and you can have whatever you want with you ❤️


    Verified Customer

  • So happy with it!

    Love it! I will say that folding it up and storing is a little annoying since the side trays don’t really have a place to put them when you fold the piece up. It doesn’t stop me from using it nearly every evening though ...


    Verified Customer

Upgrade Your Bathing with these Game-Changers

Let's talk comfort.

Our bath pillow? It's like a cozy bear hug for your back and neck, thanks to the primo polyester we use. It’s soft, cushy, and has a PhD in Ergonomics.

Stability? We've got you.

This little gem sticks to your tub like peanut butter to jelly, courtesy of six heavy-duty suction cups. It's like your clingy ex, but in a good way. No sliding around or unexpected dips.

Let's not forget about convenience.

Our pillow is a cinch to clean. After your bath, just hang it up with the built-in hook, easy peasy. And guess what? It’s washing machine friendly.

LuxeBath: Because You Deserve the Best

At LuxeBath, we've cultivated an esteemed legacy in the world of bath elegance, refining our expertise over the years. As connoisseurs of bath excellence, we have meticulously woven quality into every creation of ours.


Our commitment extends beyond mere products. We view every interaction with our esteemed clients as an opportunity to offer unparalleled service. Whether it's an inquiry, a suggestion, or simply sharing your favorite relaxation mantra, our dedicated support team is here to assist you.


Positioned in the heart of the USA, our warehouse embodies excellence and efficiency. This strategic location is not just a point on a map—it's a promise. A promise to deliver luxury promptly anywhere in the country.


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