Why Millions Of Americans Suffer From Exhaustion — And A Surprising New Solution

Friday, February 24 2023

*The person's story described below is fictitious and was instead founded on experiences shared by LuxeBath customers.

Charlene C., 47, had been feeling tired and experiencing ‘Brain Fog’ for months. Normally alert and energetic, her family noticed the change during a recent get-together for her brother-in-law, Gary’s, 50th birthday.

“I haven’t been sleeping well at all,” Charlene confessed. “I’ve only been getting 4 or 5 hours a night… sometimes less.”

Gary, an experienced chiropractor, asked a surprising question: what type of pillow was she using?

Charlene couldn’t remember the brand, but knew it was made of memory foam and supposedly designed for spinal support.

Most pillows leave the neck and head unsupported which can lead to aches and poor sleep.

“Not all memory foam is created equal,” Gary revealed. “Most of my clients were using pillows that were too soft, too firm, or too thick. The wrong pillow can literally ruin your sleep.”

Charlene is one of 164 million Americans who don’t get enough restorative sleep. Not only does poor sleep affect mood and energy levels, it can contribute to neck & back aches, difficulty maintaining a healthy weight, and more.

Charlene was shocked that her pillow could actually be why she wasn’t sleeping well and woke-up with such low energy.

“The good news is, we now know the perfect size, density, and pillow shape,” said Gary.

Chiropractors are recommending a unique new pillow design for anyone who wants to sleep better and wake up feeling rested, limber, and alert.

A pillow that perfectly aligns with the curvature of your neck and head can promote a full and refreshing night's rest.

Scientifically-designed to provide ideal support for all sleep positions (back, stomach, and side), this innovative pillow features “butterfly” cutouts and an orthopedic groove for uninterrupted, restorative sleep throughout the night.

Mid-conversation, Gary suddenly ran into the house… returning a few moments later with the pillow he’d just described. “Try it for a few nights,” he insisted. “And let me know what you think!”

Here’s what Charlene had to say after sleeping on this new pillow for just one night:“

I was astonished how well it worked,” she said. “I slept completely through the night and woke up feeling like MYSELF again!”

Millions of Americans deal with achy and uncomfortable sleep every night.

Improper pillow design can contribute to poor sleep, neck or back aches, ‘Brain Fog,’ and other issues

With over 33 million sold, the “cervical” pillow shape is quickly becoming one of the most popular designs on the market.

Charlene was so impressed with her results, she decided to order one for herself. But when she looked online, she was shocked by the prices. Most models with this unique design cost upwards of $250!

A resourceful legal clerk, Debra was determined to find an affordable option that matched the quality of those expensive pillows. She researched the web for over a week, comparing features and pricing.

After reading hundreds of online reviews, Debra discovered one brand that identically matched her brother-in-law’s “orthopedic” shape, density, and size — for a fraction of the price.

“Based on the reviews,” she shared. “A pillow called ‘Bath Pillow By LuxeBath™’ was the clear choice. Customers reported incredible results and reliable customer service at a price I couldn’t find anywhere else.”

A proper pillow that aligns to your body can transform your sleeping experience.

And unlike more expensive brands, the Bath Pillow By LuxeBath™ pillow also includes a machine-washable, hypoallergenic cover designed to repel moisture and regulate temperature all night long.

For those still on the fence, Charlene had one more thing to say:

“I told my husband how much better I felt after one night’s sleep and he insisted on trying it himself. Needless to say, I ended up buying two more… one for him and one for our guest room!”

Thanks to this innovative new pillow, thousands of Americans are getting more restorative sleep every night — waking up feeling fresh, rested, and ready for the day.

Since its release, the Bath Pillow By LuxeBath™ pillow has helped thousands get more comfortable and refreshing sleep.

Why Bath Pillow By LuxeBath™ has Americans Saying: “This pillow offers perfect support for my neck so I wake up ready to go”

Bath Pillow By LuxeBath™ is a pillow made with top-notch memory foam. It has an orthopedic contour to cradle your neck and help give your neck proper support. This unique shape and materials were designed to help improve your sleep and help reduce neck discomfort in the mornings. 

The butterfly design makes it the right fit for any American. Whether you sleep on your back, side, or stomach, Bath Pillow By LuxeBath™ can give you the perfect amount of support for a comfortable night’s rest.

Best of all, it’s more affordable than getting an orthopedic mattress or pillow. So Americans are transforming the way they sleep without breaking the bank.

Bath Pillow By LuxeBath™’s butterfly design was crafted to give proper neck support for back, stomach and side sleepers.

With over 24,629 Bath Pillow By LuxeBath™ sold, the reviews are in…

There are plenty of positive reviews raving about Bath Pillow By LuxeBath™ online. Here’s just a few verified reviews:

"The most comfortable pillow ever! Supports your neck like no other pillow I’ve tried. You will not be disappointed with this pillow!!!”— Janet E.

“I was VERY skeptical that this oddly shaped pillow would would help me sleep better. However, those feelings were unfounded! I sleep much better then I ever did on a traditional pillow.”— Jennifer A.

“Modern design. Sleep inducing. Easy to clean. Beautiful to look at. Well worth the price. Take it anywhere carrying case. Better than ‘My Pillow’ Fast delivery. Highly recommend. Superior quality and comfort.”— Patrick C.

“Extremely satisfied…. Have been getting much needed sleep.”— Charles G.

“Best pillow for any position, and I have tried several pillows. This pillow is great for anyone who needs some neck support. I love mine so much that I ordered 2 more for family members.” — Julia K.

“For those who wish they could get the what they want in one pillow, this is it! Super supportive and comfortable, happy to have found it!”— Jennifer T.


After trying this pillow out, I was able to confirm that Bath Pillow By LuxeBath™ really was as comfortable as everyone says. To be honest, I haven’t seen anything like this on the market, and I’m truly blown away by it. If you are looking to transform your sleep and give your neck proper support, then I would highly recommend you try Bath Pillow By LuxeBath™.

*Update: Friday, February 24 2023* Ever since the Bath Pillow By LuxeBath™ was featured online, an incredible amount of buzz has been generated and has since sold over 9,179 pillows. Due to its popularity and positive reviews, the company is so confident in their product that they are now offering a 30 day satisfaction guarantee and are offering their up to 40% off discount while supplies last. To see if they are still available click the button below.


🔥 IMPORTANT: We recommend getting Bath Pillow By LuxeBath™ for every person in your household.

💥 Reminder: Bath Pillow By LuxeBath™ works for back, stomach and side sleepers


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