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My Sister-In-Law Was My Biggest Enemy… Until She Came To Visit And Tried This Bath Bundle!

By: Matthew Johnson | Feb. 10, 2023

A little bit of luxury can melt even the most hardened hearts.

I have a sister-in-law who is… let’s just say, an A-HOLE.

An entitled ice queen who acts like the world is under her feet.

To give you an example.

Our first child was born on the day she was getting married. Not by my choice.

She was mad at my husband for MONTHS for prioritizing his firstborn and his wife over her third marriage.

…And to make things worse, she blamed me for “putting a distance between her brother and his family”...

Needless to say, I avoided that woman for years.

Then one day… I found out she’s coming to town…

… And she’s sleeping in our house!

The mere thought was nerve-wracking.

When I was a child, I lived in an abusive home.

I was never physically abused, but emotional and verbal abuse made up for that.

I did a lot of therapy, and it took me 15 years to pull myself out of my trauma.

Today, I have a loving husband who understands my problem…

… and a loving community that supports me.

However, I still struggle to hold my world together when facing criticism.

Especially when it has no basis in reality.

Yes, some people are like that - they hurt you just because they can!

And when they do, I know it’s not my fault…

… but I can’t help but feel paralyzed and unable to think clearly…
… and I get thoughts about being worthless, incompetent, and an awful mother!

Anyways, I think you can understand why I felt under so much stress…

… when I found out that my sister-in-law was coming to visit.

I went to my therapist (whom I haven’t seen in years) to talk this through…

… and to figure out how to navigate this experience without feeling like a sunken ship afterward.

My therapist gave me the most genius idea ever!

She said: “Why don’t you do everything that’s in your power to indulge her every whim?”

“...And if she leaves your home unhappy, you have everything you need to show the world her true nature!”

At first, her idea didn’t make sense.

It sounded like I’d be repeating the pattern when I was abused in my childhood…

… where I tried to calm down my abusers by being a doormat.

But she said it would be different because unlike then, I wasn’t under their root.

This time, the abuser was under mine.


I had a mission.

I prepared the upper floor of my house to be better than a 5-star luxury hotel in the center of Manhattan.

Ultra-luxury silk sheets. Silver forks and spoons. Towel warmers.

And the bathroom. Oh you should have seen that.

Premium soap. Premium shampoos. The best of the best I had, I’ve put it in there.

And one thing that will prove to be the ultimate game-changer!

LuxeBath’s Bath Bundle.

I learned about LuxeBath a few months ago when a friend of mine recommended it…

… but my sister-in-law’s reaction will tell you everything you need to know.

Since I was trying to be the best host ever, I didn’t give her my old pillow.

No, no. This old lady ordered a brand new Luxebath’s best bath bundle!

Everything has to be brand new, so there’s absolutely no room for complaints.

But so that you can understand the effect it had on my sister-in-law…

…Here’s what came in with their Bath Bundle:

Bath Pillow: an ultra soft pillow that supports my neck, back, and shoulders while bathing

Bamboo Bridge: so that the ice queen can watch her favorite show while bathing.

Dried Rose Petals: a small aesthetic detail that completes the ambient.

But that’s not all I had coming her way!

I went on a shopping spree on LuxeBath’s official website!

I also got…

LuxeBath’s Bath Mat that has the most softest surface ever, and absorbs water like a sponge.

Luxebath’ss Modern Shower Shelves and placed the best shampoos and hair conditioners money can buy.

.. and their Shower Squeegee to keep the shower door squeaky clean

When I say I’ll be the best host ever, I mean it!

Oh and my therapist warned me to make extra effort to be as pleasant as possible…

… and to eliminate my signature sarcasm from my voice.

Hardest task so far, but I can make it.

Everything was ready for D-Day!

At the end of the day before she came, I was exhausted like never before.

Getting everything ready was extremely stressful. And not good for my mental health.

Especially when you’re trying so hard for someone who won’t appreciate the effort.

But I had to stick to the plan.

When my sister-in-law arrived, it took her about 3 hours to acknowledge my presence.

All her attention was on my husband.

I was playing the obedient wife, sat in the corner and served.

After a while, she decided to take a bath.

Everything was ready for D-Day!

I acted like a room service…

… showing my ice queen her quarters.

I showed her the bathroom and explained how to use the bath pillow.

… which is extremely simple.

“See these 4 suction cups? Just put some water on them and attach the pillow on the back of the tub”

“And once you’re done, rinse and hang it to dry. That’s it”

The ice queen nodded and dismissed me like the good servant I am.

I went downstairs to wait with my husband.

We were both afraid and excited while waiting

One hour went by.

Two hours went by.

We were getting worried.

But I wasn’t about to interrupt whatever was going on in there.

I guess she fell asleep and didn’t even use the bath pillow.

However, after 2 hours have passed, I heard her coming down.

The look in her eyes was speaking VOLUMES!

For the first time ever, I saw a human being in my sister-in-law’s face…

Rested, nourished, free from stress and worries…

… looking at least 15 years younger!

I didn’t have to guess. She loved it.

No, she wasn't just 'okay' with it.

She adored it!

She spoke to me like she saw me as a person for the first time…

“Sis, where did you get that bath pillow? That was pure magic”

And I told her what it was and where I got it.

“But what was that, how does it feel so heavenly?”

She couldn’t stop raving about LuxeBath’s bath bundle!

Over the next week, her icy demeanor was thawing in the warmth of my hospitality.

My therapist’s plan was working like a charm.

She kept talking about how good of a host I am…

… and how much she loved the bath pillow.

The plush bath pillow cradled her head as she sank into the warm water.

The soft material felt like a cloud against her skin.

And the sturdy bamboo bridge allowed her to finally enjoy her favorite show as much as she wanted…

… without anyone disturbing her tranquility!

It was easy to see why she took 3 hours in her first bath!

In those 7 days that she was staying with us, I realized what’s the catch.

It’s not about being a good host…

It’s about the experience.

An escape into the world of comfort and imagination…

Like all abusers of this world…

All my sister-in-law was lacking was love and attention.

And when she got that, her personality completely changed.

Bath Pillow Completely Transformed My Sister-In-Law’’s Personality!

While my sister-in-law was still with us, she ordered LuxeBath’s Bath Bundle for every member of her family!

Once she left, I was so stunned by her reaction that I had to try it myself.

As I said earlier, I had a bath pillow before and I loved it.

But this bath pillow just looked like an upgraded version of my old pillow.

So I tried it. And let me tell you…

… I’m not the biggest fan of my sister-in-law but she was right about one thing…

…that this bath pillow is AMAZING!

I patiently prepared my first bath with this bath pillow

My heart raced as I prepared for her first plunge into luxury.

The ergonomic bath pillow, a marvel of comfort, called out to me.

It boasted four suction cups, ensuring stability even in the slipperiest of situations.

I gently stuck it to the tub and the pillow held firm.

Then came the sturdy bamboo bridge.

A clever, eco-friendly addition, just the right size for a tablet or laptop

I placed my device on it, queuing up my favorite show.

A private movie theater, right there in my bathroom.

And the final touch, the rose petals.

As I sprinkled them into the warm bathwater, the bathroom transformed.

It was no longer a simple room in my house.

It was a sanctuary, filled with the subtle, soothing scent of roses.

And then, I stepped in…

The bath pillow cradled my head, the tension melting away instantly.

It was perfect, ergonomically designed for maximum relaxation.

I laid back, my favorite show playing in front of me.

The bath pillow held firm, the suction cups doing their job admirably.

I felt secure, cocooned in my own private oasis.

The rose petals floated around me, creating an ambiance straight out of a luxury spa.

The scent, the feel, the visual, everything was perfect.

At that moment, I realized the Bath Pillow Bundle's true magic.

 It wasn't just about hosting others. It was about treating myself too.

This my first experience with LuxeBath’s Bath Pillow Bundle.

 But I knew it wouldn't be the last. Just like my sister-in-law knew.

After all, who could resist such luxury, right at home?

Life is too short! Make the best of it and treat yourself with LuxeBath’s incredible bath bundle and transform your bathroom into a five-star spa!

I simply couldn’t believe something like this exists.

I had to do some research and I learned other people share my experience.

"I recently purchased this ultra-soft bath pillow and I am beyond impressed! The plushiness and breathability make my bathing experience feel like a luxurious spa treatment. I have saved so much money by transforming my bathroom into a relaxing sanctuary, and my neck, back, and shoulders are extremely grateful!"

- Zoe

"This bath pillow is a game-changer! The ergonomic design provides exceptional support for my neck, back, and shoulders, making my bath time a truly rejuvenating experience. The four strong suction cups keep it securely in place and it's incredibly easy to set up. I highly recommend this pillow to anyone looking to elevate their bath experience."

- Josie

"I suffer from chronic pain, and this ultra-soft, plushy bath pillow has been a lifesaver. Not only does it save me money by creating a spa-like atmosphere at home, but it also eases my pain by providing excellent support for my neck, back, and shoulders. I can't imagine taking a bath without it now!"

- Mary

"I am absolutely in love with my new bath pillow! It's incredibly soft, plushy, and breathable, making my baths feel like a high-end spa experience. The ergonomic design supports my neck, back, and shoulders, allowing me to truly relax and unwind. Plus, it fits all types of bathtubs and is super easy to set up and use."

- Katie

People Were Buying This Bath Pillow Like Crazy!

 If you go to their official website, you’ll notice they have a sale right as we speak!


And if you don’t like it…

…you have the option to return within 45 days with a 100% refund!

I just love when a brand believes in its product!

Click the button below and see if it’s still available!

And if you have similar problems as I do, trust me…

It’s not about being a good host…

It’s about being UNFORGETTABLE!

**IMPORTANT UPDATE**: Thursday, May 11, 2023

Since writing this article, LuxeBath™ advised us demand has never been higher. Stock is running dangerously low and they may run out any day now. Be sure to claim your 50% discount without delay.

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