Microfiber Hair Towel By LuxeBath™

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Achieve the healthiest and shiniest version of your hair! 

Let go of the traditional towel you’re using for your hair care routine and start using this Microfiber Hair Towel By LuxeBath™! Made to minimize frizzy hair, define hair patterns and lessen breakage and split ends.  

Made to suit your needs 

Our Fast-absorbent Microfiber Hair towel is known for its high-quality absorbent microfiber material that cuts down your hair’s drying time.

Curated with our consumers in mind, this material is known to be more gentle on the hair as they feel more plush and soft compared to traditional towels. 

🗸 Breathable material
🗸 Eliminates any excess moisture from your hair without using heat
🗸 Faster drying time
🗸 Waffle wave design textile is gentle on your hair’s curls and natural style
🗸 Added buttons and loops to secure your hair while drying
🗸 Size is suitable for any hair length and style

This Microfiber Hair Towel By LuxeBath™ is chemical-free and biodegradable, so not only are you doing good for your hair but you're doing good for the environment! 

How to use:  

1. Place - Bend to let your hair hang down
2. Twist - Twist your hair together with the towel.
3. Secure - Pull up the security loops and attach them to the button 


Size: 9.8” x 25.6” / 25cm x 65cm
Colors available: Khaki, Pink, Blue, Bluegreen, Brown

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