5 Reasons Home Decoristas Are Snagging Up This Cobblestone Rug For Their Bathroom

 Made by a Brand called LuxeBath, this new european style bath rug is going viral on the internet. Home Decoristas around the world are raving about how its upgrading the look of their bathroom and preventing slips.

"This rug is the most beautiful bathroom mat I have ever owned. All my friends ask me where I got it from. Not only is it absolutely beautiful, it's cozy and soft on the feet and a breeze to clean." - Lisa

1) It turns your bathroom into a European Inspired Oasis

Take yourself to the rustic cobblestone roads of Europe.

This Cobblestone Rug will give your bathroom a touch of elegance and tranquility with its uncommon cobble stone rug design that instantly upgrades any bathrooms atmosphere.


Whether it be after a nice shower or long bath, dry your feet on the rug and feel the ultra soft cobble stone ridges.

Friends and family will comment on how stunning your bathroom when they see this rug in it.

2) It prevents slips and accidents in the bathroom, keeping you safe

Bathroom accidents are one of the leading causes of injuries in aging adults in America. 

After a bath or shower, water droplets can accumulate on the floor, making it a slippery surface to step on.

The Cobblestone Rug will keep your floor dry at all times by soaking up water off your feet.

Have peace of mind knowing that once you come out the shower, you get to step on an ultra soft cozy rug rather than that cold, slippery, and hard tile surface.

As a caring son, I knew I had to get this rug for my Dad who's had a few accidents in the bathroom. He loves how soft it is on his feet and ever since I got it for him, he has not slipped once in the bathroom after a shower. Very happy with this rug.

- Jason G.

3) Keeps your bathroom floor dry and mold / mildew free

With the ability to absorb a ton of water, the Cobblestone Rug will keep your feet and bathroom floor nice and dry!

A wet ceramic tile floor can cause a huge problem - over time mold and mildew can grow, leading to expensive repairs.

Forego the thousand dollar repairs and get the Cobblestone rug which will elevate the look of your bathroom and keep pesky mold and mildew away from your bathroom floor.

Join thousands of bath decoristas that have gotten the Cobblestone rug and have upgraded their bathroom.

4) Low maintenance and super easy to clean and store.

Knowing that people have a busy schedule, LuxeBath knew they had to make a bath rug that was both low maintenance and easy to take care of.

They did exactly that - Not only is each cobblestone rug beautiful, but each rug is also super easy to clean and put away. 

To clean, simply toss the rug in your washing machine and let it go through a cycle. Then, toss it in the dryer to get all the water out. Voila, just like that, your bath rug is clean and ready to go. 

My wife loves her cobblestone rug! She has been going on about getting a new bath rug for the past few months. The look on her face when I surprised her with the rug truly made my year. So glad I purchased.

- Frank Z.

5) It's a great gift for that special someone in your life. They'll truly love it as a gift!

LuxeBath has had countless stories of how people have bought the rug as a gift for a their friends and family.

Some people even report that they had to reorder 3 cobblestone rugs, to give out to their girl friends after they saw it in their bathroom!

We're not surprised as the Cobblestone rug has an expensive look to it, making it the perfect premium gift to surprise someone with.

It's perfect for any home decor enthusiast on their birthday, for Christmas, mother's day, just for any occasion!

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